Grills: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I buy a Holland Grill instead of a regular grill?

A: With the revolutionary cooking at one temperature, all of your foods will be more juicy, you will never have a flare up and, to be honest, you will be down-right SPOILED!

Q: Why pay more for a grill when I can go to a store around the corner and get a grill for less?

A: That's right, but you won't find another grill that cooks like a patented Holland grill.

Q: I've seen a lot of stainless steel lately, what's the big deal?

A: Stainless will last and last.

Q: Can I cook a turkey on a Holland?

A: There is no finer way to cook a turkey than on a Holland. As a matter of fact, many people buy them just for Thanksgiving and give them for Christmas gifts!

Q: Where can I find one of these amazing Holland grills?

A: Only at your authorized Holland dealer store, such as Valley Pools & Spas.

Q: Can I cook anything on a Holland?

A: It grills! It steams! It smokes! The drippings in the pan sizzle, giving food its fantastic Holland Grill juicy flavor. Steam fish, seafood, vegetables and more by adding water to the drip pan. Smoking has never been easier. Add flavor to the smoke drawer and enjoy smoked fish, turkey, beef or game.

Q: What about warranty?

A: Holland provides a long-term, limited warranty on all materials and workmanship and 100 percent refund of suggested retail price during the first 30 days if it does not perform as advertised!