Prepare for Your Opening

  • Remember to call or schedule online early for your spring opening appointment.
  • Please specify if you have a concrete pool, a Fox pool with a beaded snap cover, a Buster Crabbe Pool, an above-ground pool, a Splash Pool, an auto cover, mesh cover or water bag cover.
  • Do NOT open your automatic cover. Call for instructions.
  • Have pool water to proper operating level (except Splash Pools).
  • Have equipment accessible along with baskets, plugs, garden hose, etc.
  • Have electrical power available.
  • Payment is due prior to, or at the time of opening. For your convenience, you can also schedule your opening online.
  • Heaters are checked and pilots are lit. However, the heater will be left in the OFF position. Check pilot often, they tend to blow out on windy spring days.
  • Circulate water at least 24 hours before testing.
  • Spa Opening-Have your spa and filter clean. Provide access to water and have a garden hose out. Do not have the spa full of water.
  • Cartridge Filter-Please allow 2 weeks prior to opening to have Valley Pools & Spas clean your filter cartridges.
  • Pools with chlorine generators - your chlorine generator will not produce chlorine until the pool water is over 50 degrees and it will not give a correct mineral reading until the pool water is over 70 degrees. If needed, you may use chlorine sticks in your skimmer until the cell is working properly.


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