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Common Q & A's

Q. When should I get my water tested and why is it important?

A. You should have your water tested if you are unable to maintain a correct chemical balance using your test kit or strips or if you are unable to maintain clear, clean water. Valley Pools state-of-art water testing lab can save you not only time but money by identifying the reasons for your water problems in a matter of minutes.

Q. How long should I leave my solar blanket on?

A. The solar blanket is designed to be used for no more than three days at a time. After seventy-two hours potential algae growth may begin.

Q. I have read about algaecide. Do I need to use it in my pool?

A. Yes, you need to apply algaecide once a week to help prevent algae growth in your pool.

Q. Why is my pool cloudy?

A. If your pool is cloudy, the first thing to check is chlorine level. If your chlorine level is normal, you should clean your pool filter (this should be done every three months). If this doesn't solve your cloudy water problem, you should collect a water sample and bring it to Valley Pools for water testing. We'll help you determine the problem and how to fix it.

Q. My pool water has become green. How do I get rid of it?

A. Double shock every two hours until the pool turns a milky white. Wait until your filter filters it and maintain a high chlorine level until it disappears. If this doesn't solve the problem, collect a water sample and bring it in to the nearest Valley Pools store. We'll help you get your sparkling clear water back.

Q. I have a sandy-yellowy substance that poofs up and then dissipates when I brush it but over time it returns. What is it?

A. What you have is what's called mustard algae and you can't get rid of this algae just by shocking the water. Bioguard makes a special treatment for mustard algae called Banish. All our stores carry this product. Come into the store nearest you and we'll give the proper instructions and products necessary to get your pool back in shape.