Products to Keep Your Backyard Fun!

Our main goal at Valley Pools & Spas is to help you, the customer, take the worry out of buying products for your backyard. We know you would like to enjoy your pool, spa or sauna rather than researching products. So, to make your life easier, we try to help you in three ways:

  1. We researche every product that we carry. Sometimes we will carry only one brand of a particular product. That's because through our many years of research, we cannot find a brand that compares in quality or price.

  2. Valley Pools & Spas stays with quality manufacturers. We have been with some manufacturers for 10, 15 and over 20 years. Quality manufacturers are very particular about who they choose to be a dealer.

  3. We are proud to bring in new and exciting products that will add joy to your home for years. We offer a full line of the products listed below along with accessories for each product, ensuring minimized maintenance and maximized fun!

Pools: In-Ground Pools
Spas/Hot Tubs: A style, size and color to fit every home
Saunas: The finest in ultimate relaxation
Gazebos: Built for Minnesota weather
Other Products: fun items for around your home and yard.