Saunas: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use a sauna?

A: Any healthy person of any age.

Q: Why is water necessary in a sauna?

A: To help the bather regulate his own humidity and aid perspiration and deep cleansing of the pores.

Q: Are saunas expensive to operate?

A: The average Finlandia home sauna costs as little as $3 a month and heats up fast within 20 to 30 minutes.

Q: What kind of wood should the sauna be built of?

A: A softwood like Finlandia uses. The humidity must be absorbed to keep the atmosphere dry. Softwoods do this. The wood must be kiln dried to within six - eleven percent moisture content to prevent shrinkage.

Q: Can knotty woods be used in a sauna?

A: No. Even when using the highest grade of knotty wood, knots can crack during the kiln drying process. Knots can loosen in the high sauna heat, leaving ugly holes that seep pitch. The bather could be burned with touching hot knots. Finlandia does NOT use knotty woods.