Finlandia Saunas

Finlandia Sauna takes pride in "old country" craftsmanship, superior products and personal service. Saunas are their only business!

"In Finland, saunas are a national institution. Taking saunas is a weekly ritual," says the owner of Finlandia Sauna, Reino Tarkiainen. Reino started this business in 1964 to offer you the "best of two worlds" -- Finlandia and America. Reino imports the Finlandia Sauna heaters from Harvia Oy in Finland -- the world's largest privately-owned sauna factory. Harvia Oy's heaters are unequaled in quality and in providing the right sauna climate for the bather. Reino manufactures his sauna rooms in Portland, Oregon, the heart of the timber country, where quality and selection of lumber is unmatched!

Finlandia Saunas come in precut or prefabricated packages. Sizes range from 4'x4' to 8'x12'. Visit one of our locations for more information.