Marquis Spas

We at Valley Pools & Spas are so completely convinced that Marquis manufactures the finest spas and hot tubs available. They are not only superior, but they have the best warranty! Since 1974, Valley Pools has not seen a spa/hot tub line so complete - including color choices, styles, quality workmanship, and unsurpassed warranties. 1998 marked the first year that one company had won the two highest honors in the spa/hot tub industry. That company was Marquis. Visit the Marquis website to see their latest innovative products. Afterwards, come back to this site and see photos and find out more about our desire to help you find the right product and accessories to go with your new Marquis Hot Tub.

Why Marquis Spas?

We are sure you will agree that Marquis: makes superior products; stands behind every product (it shows in their warranties); relies on the dealer for suggestions and new product ideas; and is leading the industry in innovation and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Marquis Builds A Superior Spa/Hot Tub

Marquis found out what consumers wanted in a personal spa or hot tub and delivered it: the very latest therapeutic technology with user-friendly, maintenance-free design.

Marquis Spas is a pioneer in an industry of nearly 100 individual manufacturers. In 1998, Marquis was the first company to receive the industry's two top awards -- the John Holcomb Silver Award for technology and innovation and the Eagle Award for industry leadership -- in the same year.

Marquis' Exclusive Technology

You'll feel the difference in a Marquis Spa. That's because Marquis' systems are hydraulically balanced to provide maximum water flow for a deep, penetrating heat. The careful equation of properly sized piping, the correct number and size of jets, and the precise location and routing of water sets Marquis Spas apart from all others. Marquis rates their therapy systems by true amperage instead of up-rating the horsepower, a common but misleading practice.

The balance between the force of hot water and the innovative Tri-Zone Hydrotherapy is what makes Marquis' hydrotherapy work differently. Let it massage your tired muscles. Let it melt away your stress. Let it ease your mind.

User Friendly Design

All controls, including the jets button, selector valves and temperature readout, are conveniently located for access inside the spa/hot tub. Bathers never have to leave their seats. In 2005 Marquis Spas introduced the 10-Button Control System, redesigned for maximum control and ease of use.

Maintenance Free Features

A hot tub should take care of you, not the other way around. With enhanced hydrotherapy, enhanced power, enhanced Constant CleanTM Water Management with Spa FrogĀ® sanitation system and Vortex skimmer system you are sure be relaxed and rejuvenated.

Innovations like the Marquis Ozonator are perfect options for your cleaning system. It injects natural ozone gas, an active form of oxygen, into your hot tub water via a dedicated ozone jet. Ozone then attacks contaminants faster than chemicals. When it's done purifying, it reverts to pure oxygen. This significantly reduces the amount of chemicals you'll need and cuts down on nasty odors. Marquis Spas stands behind every one of their spas and hot tubs with a full warranty.

Exciting & Relaxing Options

Marquis Spas now offers a Waterfall feature, Constellation Lighting System and Adagio Audio System, PowerShift Therapy and E-Suite Entertainment. Looks good, feels good, sounds good, easy to maintain, and the power to drive you to rejuvenation. Mix and match with custom color combinations to create the ideal designer look for your home environment.