So many customers have stayed with Valley Pools & Spas since our inception in 1974. Each year, we are honored by their generous letters. First-hand referrals have always been a large part of our business. Here are just a few of these letters and a couple radio interviews that aired on The Patriot.

  Interview # 1 - Tina Beehler 

  Interview # 2 - John Detlaff

"I purchased my hot tub from Valley Pools and Spas in 1999. Over the past 16 years I have had many occasions to require service to the Hot Tub which is still in great working condition! Each time over those years I have called and spoken to Jackie. I wanted her, and you all, to know how much I appreciate her professionalism and friendliness. In today's world it is rare that you receive such wonderful customer service.  

Jackie is always prompt to set up the necessary scheduling, or if she is tied up with another call, she is quick to call back to set up service. The service reps always show up at the scheduled time and in the majority of cases are able to fix any problem with out having to make return calls. If return calls are necessary, Jackie is again ready to explain when the parts will be in and how soon they can be installed. I just want her to know how much her excellent customer service appreciated. When people ask me about my hot tub, and if I still use it after so many years, I tell them that I have almost no trouble with it and when a problem does arrive, the customer service team at VP&S is the BEST service department I have ever experienced and they make it easy to keep the tub in great shape. Thank you to everyone at VP&S!!


"Dear Larry:

Thank you so much for contributing to the sucess of Kianna's wish with your donation of a discount, installation and steps for her new fenced pool.
Because of your generosity, we were able to help Kianna and her family enjoy the oppertunity to forget, just for a time, the everyday challenges of facing a life-threatening medical condition. A wish not only provides refuge in the midst of trying times, but restores the belief that with a little hope, anything is possible and wishes do come true.
There is nothing like making a wish come true where joy eclipses illness. You have given hope, strength and joy to a Minnesota child battling a life-threatening medical condition.
Tammy B. - Vice President of Development
Tom M.- President and CEO"

"I want to share with you that Paul and Ryan are nothing short of perfection. They are the hardest workers I know.  They have impressed Jeff and I so much!  The professionalism and kindness they exude is amazing.  They rarely take breaks and work hard.  We are on day 3 and will have our liner in today and more then likely water too!  They explain things that are happening and are very good working partners.  Just very professional!

I wanted to show you the pictures from start to where they are and I know you have brochures, but I bet people would like to see the actual transformation.  It is amazing the equipment and all that is entailed in this big job.  I will continue with the pictures and would like to let you, Randy, know what you and your company have done this far, is beyond what I could have expected.  You have a great group of people and I am so pleased we chose you.  

Thank you Randy and I hope you can share the pictures so people understand it is a big job and a lot of things go into making a pool.  I have enjoyed watching and am so excited!

Thank you Randy, Paul and Ryan!  Thank you Valley Pools and Spas!  You are a great company to work with!

A. Z. and J. S."

"Dear Hilary, I want to thank you again for the fine job you and your crews did putting our pool in. The entire job, from the planning stage with you, to the cover being installed, was very professional. Every aspect of each job went smooth. It was a pleasant experience for both Diane and I. I don't want to forget to mention how helpful and pleasant your people are at your store. I'm looking forward in dealing with them. If you ever need any references, let us know. We'll be glad to accommodate. Sincerely,
T. & D. W. from Burnsville."

"Dear Larry: Nice talking to you last week. As I mentioned over the phone, over all we are so very pleased with Valley Pools and the great job you did in installing 'our dream!' Feel free to use us as 'very satisfied customers' if you need references in the future! Thanks again for all of your help and attentiveness. Best regards,
T. E. from St. Paul."

"Valley Pools, We are definitely impressed with the work crew on our project. It was amazing what they accomplished in the first day! Thanks
R.D. from Eagan." This pool was built in Nevis, MN by our Brainerd store.

"Dear Hilary, We wanted to thank you for a beautiful job on our swimming pool. Everyone from Valley has been extremely professional and helpful, and you have gone beyond the call of duty to coordinate the project. We really appreciate all the extra work you did. Please feel free to use us a a reference. We couldn't be more satisfied with the level of service we've received and we'd be happy to share our experience with others. Thanks so much,
D. & J. M. from Minnetonka."

"Dear Hilary, Thank you! There are not enough words to tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for our family. We could not be any more pleased with the way the pool and yard turned out. You have a very fine group."
J. K. from Wayzata.

"Larry: I want to thank you for the privilege of working with Valley Pools over the last 20 years.  Even though, another pool company in St. Cloud (good company) constructed my original pool;  over the last 20 years almost all the parts have come from Valley Pools (liners, heaters, pumps,hoses, brushes, chemicals,  Polaris cleaners, pipes, parts, etc). Plus, you have closed my pool in the fall for every year I can remember. Your company, your people, your honesty, and quality work has always been there.
You guys care about your customers.

Recently I had a pump go out 'at the wrong time' (if there ever is a good time).
Jackie got right on it immediately.  She sent out Nate immediately.  He analyzed the problem, and got me in touch with Jackie to rush order the pump.  Then James came out and got everything running perfectly; and then rearranged several of my hoses in the pump shed--super job by him!
Jackie has been great to work with, as all of your people have been.

My thanx----
L.H. from Richfield"

"Hilary-Our BIG thanks to you all for a great pool and especially for service beyond our expectations!"
Steve from Apple Valley.

"Dear Larry, Belated thanks for the fabulous service from Valley Pools in installing our new liner. I, nor any of my friends, had ever heard of any company coming early. I was so happy to have all the work done in time for our graduation open house. The weatherman cooperated too, and over 225 people either swam or enjoyed looking at our beautiful pool. Believe me, I extol the virtues of Valley Pools every chance I get. Please give special thanks to Lee and his helpers. Kindest regards from your most satisfied customer."
S. P. from Bloomington.

"Valley Pools, I would like to say how thankful we are for having picked Valley Pools to install our new sand filter last fall. You came on time and were very professional. Then this spring when we needed you to come and connect it, you were, 'Johnny On the Spot.' Thank You So Much!"
J.& E. O. from Burnsville.

This was written several years ago in response to a call for help from the fire department:"Dear Mr. Berczyk, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for your timely response to Howard Johnson's Motor Inn at my request on Saturday, 17 May 1986. It is certainly gratifying to know that citizens like yourself are willing to assist our department with your expertise during a time of crisis. I am pleased to report to you that the young boy did not sustain any serious injuries. Once again thanks for your response. Sincerely
J. T., Captain of Burnsville Fire Department.

"To the service department, Thank you for your prompt service on our outside spa. The risk of freezing in march is a little nerve-racking. Valley Pools and Spa has always come through for us. The service department did a great job! Sincerely
J. L. from Burnsville"

Service Department, "I just can't thank you enough. Had I had this level of education and quick service from my previous provider, I may not be in this situation. As it is, I'm thrilled to be working with you from this point forward. Have a great week."
J.S. from Faribault

"Service Dept. We are so happy with the service we receive when our hot tub needs repair. The service is prompt & honest. We always plug Valley Pools & Spas."
C.H. from Blaine

More quotes from our customers:

  • "Valley's customer service is outstanding!"
  • "Repairs were promptly made."
  • "Would recommend Valley Pools to anyone."
  • "Thanks again for all your work and attentiveness."
  • "We were fascinated with every aspect of your construction."
  • "We are grateful to you for the time you spent on several occasions."