Pool Safety

Being a family-owned business, when we get time off we enjoy spending time around the pool just like you do. We are very concerned with safety and stress the importance of taking the time to learn about all safety rules. These tips help keep our family safe and we hope will help your family do the same. We take pride in educating our customers about pool safety. We have listed some safety tips below.


According to the National Safety Council, the greatest percentage of drowning's occur in natural aquatic setting, oceans, lakes, quarries, ponds, etc., and DO NOT occur in swimming pools. Yet one pool accident is one too many. It is the responsibility of the pool owner at all times to watch children and instruct older children in the proper use of slides and diving boards.


Chemicals are needed for cleaning sanitizing water. Do not mix these or store improperly. Explosions can occur. Read label, and follow manufacturers instructions. Always store away from children.

Cuts and abrasions

Do not allow horseplay, improper use of equipment or running around the pool area.

More Safety Tips

Young Children-Teach your children to swim as early as possible.

Floating toys-Small children should never use without adult supervision.

Children's Inflatable Arm Bands- Should only be used under adult supervision. Do not rely on floating devices of any kind to prevent accidents.

Clear Site of Swimmers- Keep barriers or vegetation between you and swimmers so you can see them clearly at all times.

Pool Locks- Make certain all doors leading from the house to the pool area have self-closing, self-latching mechanisms to keep toddlers and uninvited guests from entering the pool area.

Fence Codes-Abide by all city fence codes. Make sure your fence height is within the laws of your city.

Automatic Pool Covers- Covers are designed for safety and help keep the pool free of debris when not in use. Pool covers must meet safety code regulations. Remember to completely remove the cover before using your pool.

Life saving equipment-Always keep within feet of the pool, especially with very young or older swimmers.

Decks- Be sure your deck has a slip resistant surface. Signage: have No Running signs posted.

Chemicals- Always add chemicals directly to pool water. Never add water to chemicals.

Electrical Outlets- Make sure all outlets are protected by ground fault circuit interrupters. For your protection, use only pool professionals, licensed electricians, builders, carpenters or other appropriate experts. We at Valley Pools & Spas have more than 25 years of specialized training and certification in these areas. We also provide expert business recommendations for any other type of work you need around your pool. Saving money by hiring an unlicensed electrician or trying to do it yourself is not a wise choice when you the safety of your family is at stake.